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2890 Allenby Road
Duncan, BC Canada V9L 6W2
Tel: 250-746-7257
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Victoria #: 250-384-9717
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Grey paverTlupana Blue Grey Marble
This superb Blue Grey marble has a classic look all its own. Distinctly different from ou rBlack Carmanah and our Vancouver Island White marble this unique stone compliments many warm tones with it's cool neutrality. grey sinkCut from the same quarry as the White, this unusual stone has many uses that call for a contrasting element to bridge the tonal gap between the black and white marbles we have. Classic is one of the words to describe this marble.
Wall CentreAs you can see to the left, our Tlupana Blue Grey Marble sets off the pattern of white and black paver/ tiles that create a beautiful patio or approach way. grey white patternThe Tlupana Blue Grey marble varies in colour from dark grey to light grey with areas of white. We call the grey & white mix West Coast Mist. Again, to truly appreciate the subtle tones in this marble, one has to see a large slab in person to see how it could work for your project. Contact us to find out how you can view this amazing marble.