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2890 Allenby Road
Duncan, BC Canada V9L 6W2
Tel: 250-746-7257
Fax: 250-746-5684
Victoria #: 250-384-9717
Toll Free: 1-877-746-7257
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black paverBlack Carmanah Marble
This beautiful black marble is a very versatile stone. It can used for pavers as a complement to the grey and white marbles. Black ColumeThis particular marble has subtle patterns that can bring a unique look to many design situations. The fireplace column to the right shows several light seams that add distinction to the effect. We can provide black marble in blocks that can be shaped into all sort of configuration and designs.
Our Black Carmanah marble can be polished to a fine finish that can be used for floors, and as show below, pool liners. It's classic colour black pooland look lends itself to contrasting situations where you could consider complimenting our white or grey marble. When cut as slabs and finished to your preference, Black Carmanah feels warm and cool at the same time.

Black showerBlack slabs Black Carmanah marble can bring unique touches to many a design situations. As you can see by the shower stall to black fireplacethe right, complimenting the black with Tlupana Blue Grey marble trim set off the enveloping of this private space.black floorBecause our marble can be cut in various configurations, it lends itself to creative shapes like in this fireplace set in a kitchen area. Again, the contrast between the white and black can be classically beautiful. The unique marbling effect is particularly effective in flooring.